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Interview: A Nuremberg for Communist Crimes

Interview with Professor Renato Cristin

Motto: “Today, communism, is treated with superficiality of analysis or ideological imposture. Communism is often spoken of as a corpse that would no longer represent a threat to the free world, thereby neglecting not only its current leadership’s action in many regimes scattered here and there throughout the globe, but also its mephitic activity in the liberal democratic countries. Exactly one year ago, I took with Vladimir Bukovsky, the initiative to start a reflection (and also an action) on the historical, political, cultural and moral necessity of a Nuremberg trial for communism.” - Professor Renato Cristin

By Gabriel Teodor Gherasim

The Nuremberg trials (German: Nürnberger Prozesse) were a series of military tribunals held after World War II by the Allied forces under international law and the laws of war. The trials were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in the Holocaust and other war crimes. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, and their decisions marked a turning point between classical and contemporary international law (

After the collapse of Communism in Europe in 1989 and its supposed collapse in Russia soon after, millions of victims demanded a Nuremberg trial of Communism.

Rather, as the Soviet Story sadly documents (Snore, Edvins; Kristaps, Valdnieks, 2008 not much came about it as leftist politicians, ironically from Western Europe, decided that this would be somehow ‘offensive’ for their past and present alliances with a (neo)Communist Putinesque Russia (Lindblad, Goran ).

With an unapologetic duplicity in treating the Communist oppression victims as ‘second class’ victims (or blaming the victims altogether), from the European Community leftist majority politicians, Professor Renato Cristin and Communist prison survivor Vladimir Bukovsky launched an Appeal for Nuremberg Trials for Communism:

Professor Cristin (University of Trieste), was born in 1958, has completed studies in Philosophy in Italy and Germany, with particular attention to the currents of phenomenology and hermeneutics. He has been highly engaged for several years in analyzing the problem of the European identity, he has served as the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin and has also worked as cultural counselor attached to the Italian Embassy in Berlin. Professor Renato Cristin has also worked as the Director of the Fondazione Liberal in Rome.

In his seminal book I padroni del Caos (Masters of Chaos) published in 2017 (Cristin, R., Liberilibri, Macerata, 2017) he elaborated on a theory of European identity, and in general of the Occidental culture, which advocates for the necessity of the regeneration in regards to the cultural and spiritual traditions of the continent, which from a political and cultural paradigm may be defined as liberal-conservatism.

This is vital in order to deflect the present influences of globalism and neo-communism which have contaminated Europe for several decades, to the detriment of one’s identity and roots. With the added massive influx of more recent economic immigrants and refugees from Africa and Asia, this has led to a present day crisis of identity in terms of what does mean to be European and of e certain ethnicity from Europe?

We have asked Professor Renato Cristin to elaborate on the praiseworthy initiative of the Appeal, its past and present progress, as well as, its future agenda.

Gabriel Teodor Gherasim: Good day professor Cristin and thank you for your time in informing our readers about the Appeal for Nuremberg Trials for Communism. How did you come to meet Vladimir Bukovsky, what impressed you in his regard and how did you become engaged in this Appeal of which I am a signatory myself?

Professor Renato Cristin: Thank you too, professor Gherasim, for your kind proposal to carry out a dialogue on the theme of communism, its historical crimes and its present presence, because in this way we can both draw attention to the ever-constant threat that communist ideology represents for the free world, and at the same time illustrate the initiative that, exactly one year ago, I took with Vladimir Bukovsky, to start a reflection (and also an action) on the historical, political, cultural and moral necessity of a Nuremberg trial for communism.

In the summer of 2019 I wrote to Bukovsky reminding him of the idea he had told me about in 2005 in Berlin, of establishing a Nuremberg for communism. He was enthusiastic about it and we decided to draw up a document together (made public on 7 November of the same year, at a press conference held in Rome at the Senate of the Italian Republic: ), and in a few weeks we received the support of several hundred personalities from all over the world, exponents of various political parties and even people outside politics, musicians and writers, scholars and university professors, journalists and intellectuals, entrepreneurs and managers, exponents of various professions.

Now, in the memory of Vladimir Bukovsky, whose death grieves us (October 27 is in fact the first anniversary of his death), we are even more committed continuing on that path, in honoring his search of freedom and truth.

Today, communism, is treated with superficiality of analysis or ideological imposture. Communism is often spoken of as a corpse that would no longer represent a threat to the free world, thereby neglecting not only its current leadership’s action in many regimes scattered here and there throughout the globe, but also its mephitic activity in the liberal democratic countries.

Communism, as an ideology and as a state system, is not dead at all, not only because it governs some countries, such as Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Laos and China (in the latter case, there is an anomalous communism, but still it is such in many aspects of doctrine, internal and external political agenda and social life), but also because it continues to proliferate throughout the West (perhaps not overtly in Islamic countries, but their theocratic dictatorship is an equally devastating totalitarianism), thanks to the connivance of the paradigm of the «politically correct».

G.T.G: How did I Padroni del Caos affect your interest in the necessity of this Condemnation of Communism?

R. C.: Thank you for this question, which allows me to closely link my philosophical thought with the cultural initiative of condemnation of communism.

With the demolition of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the communist regimes, the West defeated the Soviet bloc with all the countries that were connected to it in varying degrees, but the virus of that ideology had already spread all over the world, and its mutations, especially that of 1968, that is, the one connected with the subversive movement of the French May, had infected the entire West.

If Marxism-Leninism had lost its effectiveness, leftism had strengthened by mixing with heterogeneous theories and positions, all however attributable to a communist vision of society and a totalitarian scheme of political action. Even the anarchist or left-liberal tendencies such as those of the Frankfurt School (I am thinking above all of Marcuse), in fact contain a disturbing totalitarian aspect, concealed but concrete.

The politically correct can be defined as a new form of totalitarianism, closely related to communism. In fact, while presenting itself as a socio-cultural paradigm marked by liberal-democratic values and ethical principles of civil coexistence, the politically correct contains (and expresses) a totalitarian vision both in its essence and in its applications.

This is the paradigm that is dominating today in the Western world, with an interesting difference between the United States and Europe: in the United States, political correctness has spread in an unstoppable way, starting from the Seventies, to control most of the universities, media and the show business, but failed to establish itself as a paradigm of governance for every single State of the Union, which have the power to decide on socially and culturally relevant issues without being influenced by politically correct rhetoric; instead in Europe the politically correct not only controls educational institutions and media apparatuses, but has also become a paradigm of State, that is, it has become the guiding thought of the European Union and its operational institutions, starting with the European Commission.

And it is precisely in this way that the spread of communist ideology is facilitated: since the politically correct have made anti-fascism its political flag, and since communism is a form of anti-fascism, communism is accepted and recognized by the politically correct as a theory compatible with the Western world.
This is the greatest falsification of the essence of communism, which in reality is completely incompatible with the founding and authentic spirit of the West.

But since what the politically correct propagandists (camouflaging often as academia and/or ‘community activists’) state is mostly assumed by public opinion to be the truth and is taken at face value, this lie is covered up and the communist ideology can present itself, despite all its state failures and the long trail of blood they have left behind, as a good idea for humanity. This is the great deception into which the West has fallen, also thanks to the work of erosion that large numbers of Western intellectuals have carried out in order to destroy Western identity.

G.T.G: You are keenly familiar with the powerful Communist influence in Italy, France, Spain (which fought a civil war against it), many Scandinavian countries and in general the double standards applied to the victims of Communist persecution by the European Community versus the victims of the Nazi regimes. Ironically, little is mentioned in Brussels or Strasbourg, on the Communist persecution of Jews in the Soviet bloc alone, before, during and after World War II, from the Zionists to the Jewish Communist commissars, who were summarily imprisoned, executed, sold to the state of Israel and/or killed by the ethnic Russians apparatchik during and after Stalin came to power; this continued all the way to the 1980’s and in various waves of purging. From the Christian population side 10-20% of the civilian populations in each country afflicted by the scourge of Communism, were decimated in prisons, particularly successful farmers, entrepreneurs, teachers, priests, intellectuals, politicians and scientists.

R. C.: There was a systematic persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union led by what is called «state anti-Semitism» which exploded in the Stalinist period and continued for many years even after the so-called de-Stalinization.

Many Jewish intellectuals and even political leaders were hit because they were believed to be friends or even agents of the United States. This shows a further contiguity between Communism and National Socialism: the Bolshevik thesis according to which Zionism was at the service of American imperialism is analogous to the Nazi-Fascist one which denounced the phantom demo-pluto-Jewish plot, or the action of US democracy based on Jewish capitalism.

If one fails to recognize and accept the closeness between Communism and Nazism, one will never be able to fully condemn the crimes of communism.

It must be recognized that with the resolution on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe (19th September, 2019), the European Union took an important step forward, equating communism and Nazism on the historical level, but now we need to complete the path with their equation on the ideological level and therefore with the equation of their crimes, because only in this way can we reach the final condemnation of the massacres and genocides perpetrated in the name of communist ideology.

From the historical point of view, there has always been an abysmal rift between Christianity and communism, both because Marxism theorizes the establishment of an atheistic regime in which all traces of religion are destroyed, and because in fact the communist regimes have always persecuted, albeit in various forms, religions and in the first place the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Here I want to emphasize that the new anti-Semitism, both in Europe and in the United States, comes much more from the left and its political-cultural organizations than from National Socialist residues. In fact, I remember that the current anti-American movement has a very serious antecedent in the international movement of boycotting Israel.

Stéphane Courtois argued that one of the peculiar elements of the communist system is «the radical denial of the idea of God», an atheism that has become political and cultural dogma.

And it is precisely in the practice and/or in the imposition of this denial that resides the principle of the denial of the dignity of the victims, because the concealment or even the downsizing of crimes is not only a miserable means of masking the responsibilities of communism, but also the coherent consequence of the theses inherent in its ideology: the lie joins the contempt, the violence against the truth is accompanied by the contempt towards the human beings.

However, the anti-Christianity of Marxism-Leninism was not a sufficient reason for that ideology to be marginalized by Catholic thought and by the political action that this thought refers to. In fact, Catholic communism, which is in effect an oxymoron, has become a point of reference for many people throughout the West, forming one of the aspects of neo-communism in circulation today.

The current forms of this Christian communism tend to overcome active and aggressive, militant and military atheism, replacing it with a religious fanaticism reminiscent of Thomas Müntzer's Lutheran revolutionism and which is now flanked by a persuasive but no less militant polytheism (and, at least for the moment, no longer military, after the decades-long contiguity of the Theology of Liberation with Latin American revolutionary and terrorist movements), as can be seen for example from the theses that accompanied and defined the Amazon Synod and which represent one of the most organic and complete documents of the political theology of Pope Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis), who has undoubtedly become the true leader of the world left.

Communism is undoubtedly definable, to use an expression of the Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica, as one of the «great diseases of the contemporary spirit», a disease that has affected not only those who have opposed communism, but also those who have joined it: the former were the direct victims, the latter the indirect victims who in turn became carriers of the communist virus and therefore became persecutors of those who oppose it.

G.T.G: What is the present status of this Appeal and what was the response you received from its signatories? What were some remarkable experiences you had along with their responses?

R. C.: The Appeal was accepted by all the signatories as a historical and moral need, as a decisive step towards a condemnation of communism that is not limited to the political sphere but also invests the spiritual and ethical dimension. The Appeal was also accepted as an impulse of a legal nature, to explore the possibilities of formulating a judgment that has the meaning of a juridical condemnation of his crimes. This more strictly legal aspect is rather complex, both because many criminals are now dead and because the old communist regimes have disappeared, however there are some legal specialists adhering to our initiative who are studying the possibilities of instituting some form of trials.

G.T.G: What is the future set of actions that you are planning to achieve with this Appeal?

R. C.: The first objective is to launch an international reflection on both the historical disasters of communism and its current dangers. At the same time, we would like to take action that leads to a resolution by both national governments and the European Union that condemns communism for crimes against humanity. In fact, we would like to affirm the term «genocide», to designate the major crimes committed in the name of this evil ideology that Bukovsky defined «like a cancer on the body of the human race». But for this to happen, there must be a resolution by some official, national or supranational institution.

On the operational level, it is not possible today to do towards communism what was done in 1945 with the Nuremberg for National Socialism, and yet on a purely conceptual level it is exactly the Nuremberg of 1945 that we must look at to definitively equate National Socialism and Communism.

In this categorical framework, the Shoah, the infamous massacre of the Jews of Europe by the Nazis, would be maintained in its peculiarity. Indeed, I want to keep firm the difference between the Shoah and the genocides of the various communist regimes, but precisely to respect the uniqueness of the Shoah I believe that it is necessary today to finally arrive at a broad and widespread judgment on the crimes of communism.

G.T.G: What other thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions would you like to share with our readers?

R. C.: As I said, the Appeal also concerns the ethical sphere, and it is precisely in this area that I believe it is necessary in the first place to act to unmask the false ethics of political correctness, which is the gateway for the penetration of communist ideology. in the western world. It is therefore necessary to launch an initiative that acts in depth on the cultural and psycho-social level, so that the Nuremberg project for communism leads to a historical and moral judgment of condemnation similar to the one that rightly condemned and definitively banished Nazism from the world. civil.

It is an initiative that is necessary today to purify the collective historical conscience of the toxins that the communist ideology has spread everywhere and to rebalance the moral conscience of the Western world, of that free world that too often, due to laziness or bad faith, hides the truth of communism, hiding the criminogenic essence of an ideology that is still active and lethal.

G.T.G.: It seems that from international banks and billionaires funding communist movements (including terrorist groups), to college educated pupils coming from the middle and upper classes leading the same communist actions of violence, there is a great deal of western association, instigation, propagation and protection of communist movements, including in the West. Why do Westerners need the propagation of Communism including in their own back-yard of the European Community and of the United States?

R. C.: This question is of great interest, because it touches on a crucial aspect of Westerners' relationship with themselves, which I in my book defined as the «Europe complex», a sort of psycho-cultural deformation that has a long presence in the European history, because it dates back to thought movements of early modernity (I only quote Montaigne as an example) and was consolidated with the fascination for the Others (i.e. for the not-Europeans) put in place by the Enlightenment, and which leads to self-blame and self-flagellation.

It is a desire for self-destruction which is connected to nihilism and which is configured today precisely in the forms you describe: powerful groups of financiers (I am thinking in the forefront of Soros) and supra-national organizations (first of all the Organization of United Nations) which in collaboration with the anti-Western thinkers of postmodernism and the new cultural Marxism are carrying out a massive attacks on the Western civilization, attempting to bring about the cultural and ethnic transformation that would lead to the destruction of Western identity.

This is the goal of neo-communism inherent in the subversive movements which are particularly active today in the United States and which for many years have been strongly organized in all the Western countries. Western people are today taking a very risky path, because they have not understood the extent of the threats posed by the revolutionary movements that have torn our societies apart since the 1960’s and today in the USA, where much more than a revolt is underway: in fact today the USA is exposed to a risk it was not prepared for, namely the consolidation of a masked but clearly communist political movement.

G.T.G.: This is very true. In the past elections and during the election at hand, a lot of talk has been dedicated to the neo-communist Russian and Communist Chinese interference in the American affairs. This was not an accident as the following offices ensuring national security and used as watchdogs in terms of subversive Communist activities from Moscow and Beijing respectively, had met untimely demises over the years:

The Senate and House investigative committees were abolished

The Internal Security Division at the Justice Department was eliminated

The Subversive Activities Control Board was terminated

The Attorney General’s list of subversives is no longer existing

The counter Intelligence Office at the Armed forces was severely limited

The FBI Internal Security activities were reduced by 90%

The State and municipal Police Intelligences Units were abandoned

The CIA Foreign Operations activities are lackadaisical

As far as the Democratic Party and its operatives go, contrary to popular belief, this happens to be the party of the genocidal individuals who, by legal dictates and military (terrorist) operations, have decimated the Native Nations to 2% of their original population in 200 years of systematic persecution, thus creating the infamous “Trails of Tears”.

This is the same party which created and legislated slavery and the plantation ghettos. This is the same party which created the Ku Klux Klan and opposed the blacks owning arms so that they can defend themselves from attacks and abuse of the racist whites. This is the same party which built and herded blacks and poor minorities into inner-city ghettos.

This is the same party which reversed the reparatory measures of the confiscated land by the Republicans and designated to be distributed to the freed slaves, in the famous promise of “40 acres and a mule”. It was given back by the Democrats to the pre-civil war Southern plantation owners.

The Democratic Party relies on giving individual subsistence level benefits and teaching learned helplessness.

It supported the eugenics agenda of black population reduction of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood who wrote: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the black minister is the man who can straighten out that [population control] idea, if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members to oppose.” ( Hawkins, K Remove Statues of Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Founder Tied To Eugenics And Racism USA Today July 23rd 2020

And yet, many votes for this party come from the very minorities it has been exploiting several centuries.

This Democratic Party conveniently moved from supporting the KKK to supporting Antifascists (Antifa) in other words from supporting right wing violence to supporting left wing violence (D’Souza, D. Hillary’s America National Review 2016  ).

How do you explain the Stockholm syndrome support of so many of the American blacks and of the native nations, of their very own oppressors, in voting the Democratic Party, which for that matter we have seen as paralleled behavior in Eastern and Central Europe, where the majority population, which had been victimized for 50 years by the Communists, has been continuing to vote, for 30 years now, the neo-communist parties of the ‘social-democratic’ ilk, in their respective countries?

R. C.: To take up the expression you used - Stockholm syndrome -, I would say that it is a form of that Western self-blame that I spoke of earlier, a form of self-punishment that has penetrated deeply into the American collective psychology and which has not allowed a certain part of public opinion to see clearly where the right is and where the wrong is, to understand that the anarchist violence taking place today in the United States is a form of that ancient communist ideology that for over fifty years has dominated half the world and which today is being reborn like the heads of a hydra.

This self-blame psychology has also hit the Democratic Party, which often favors the enemies, internal and external, of the United States. The fact that today the Democrats defend subversive groups (from Black Lives Matter to all the so-called Antifa) is the clearest example of this self-destructive attitude.

You have highlighted a peculiarity that often escapes analysts: the people of Central and Eastern Europe who until 1990 were victims of communism continue, to a certain extent, to vote for parties that, behind the mask of social democracy, have a Marxist-Leninist mentality and attitude. There are many examples of this historical-political schizophrenia, which testifies how the covert persuasion action of communist propaganda has been and continues to be so incisive as to capture the consciences of citizens who, in their majority, would tend to be hostile to both communist totalitarianism and egalitarianism.

What I would call Stockholm's blindness, is the product of a destructive combination: on the one hand there is the diabolical cunning of the communist ideology, which always manages to deceive the people with lies, and on the other is the proverbial self-defeating attitude that pushes Westerners in general (not only Americans, but also Europeans) to suffer the impositions of a clearly anti-Western ideology. In my book I padroni del caos I analyzed this union showing how in addition to the political value it contains a psychosocial content, that I have interpreted in the forms of the mutual relationship between sadism and masochism.

The communist ideology has infiltrated so deeply into the collective consciousness that many Westerners struggle to understand its true essence. Indeed, it has very well concealed its criminogenic and repressive essence, totalitarian in the strictest sense of the term. Instead, the inner truth of the communist system and its lethal arm, the Gulag, should be revealed: they were, as Bukovsky wrote, «the way to reshape the entire fabric of society; all strata of the population were annihilated and reworked to death in the Gulag. And normally they were the best people: thus, as a result of the communist dictatorship, we lost the best farmers, the best workers, the best artisans, the best intellectuals, the best in every profession, in every sphere of work and life. It was a genocide; there is no other name for this».

When using the word genocide, Bukovsky wants to indicate the will to annihilate consciences as well as people in flesh and blood, because a people eliminates itself also by disintegrating its conscience, destroying its identity. This is the original meaning of the communist genocide, the evil that lurks right up to the first link in the genetic chain of its ideology. This is the evil that Bukovsky revealed and fought, and in his titanic effort lies the moral greatness, even before the cultural or political one, of his civil commitment, of his whole existence.

In this he was Socratic and at the same time a realist: good is not achieved simply by practicing it, but also by opposing evil, and since the latter is devoid of moral scruples, fighting it is an act of supreme morality, because it is an expression of justice universal, which in turn, expresses the ideal essence of social life and of the human being in general.

G.T.G.: Meanwhile, on the international scene the USA, having fought a war to protect Europe from Germany and save China from Japan proceeded to enable Communist expansion in the world (with the given genocides inherent in the dictatorship of Communism) as follows:

The USA gave the Russians all of Central and Eastern Europe, Manchuria, the Kurile Islands, the Chinese port of Dalian, the Northern half of Korea.

In this subject alone and contrary to popular belief the Americans where winning the war in Korea with general Douglas McArthur kicking back the Chinese troops into China and despite complaining that the president was tying his hands by forbidding the bombing of China, thereby sacrificing American lives and endangering American freedom. He was summarily fired by president Truman and Nord Korea was simply given to the Communists.

In Yugoslavia, the US guaranteed the success of Communism by supporting Stalinist Tito over pro-western Mikhailovich.

After the war, in a project called Operation Keelhaul, the USA used its troops to round up anti-communist refugees all over Europe to be supplied back to Communist Russia, where they faced execution or slave labor in Siberia until they died (Wikipedia  ).

In China the USA supported the Communist troops of Mao Zedong in their war against pro-western Chiang Kai Shek and in fact, in order to ensure Communization of China they disarmed the latter’s troops while Mao Zedong received heavy weaponry from Russia.

The USA created the United Nations, staffed the secretariat with card carrying Communists from the State Department and gave the Russians 3 votes as opposed to one vote allocated to itself. The US agreed that a Russian national would always be in charge of the UN military activities. Russia remains one of the handful of countries in the world that can deeply affect American national interests, demanding constant U.S. attention and caution.

The US pushed Algeria into the Communist orbit by supporting Ben Bella.

The US helped Castro to gain power in Cuba and later betrayed the anti-Castro invasion force at the bay of Pigs.

In Vietnam like in Korea, the US denied its own military forces the option of victory.

In the Americas, the US supported the Sandinista communists in Nicaragua and gave the Panama Canal to a pro-soviet dictatorship.

Predictably, China has been operating the Panama Canal (since 2000) and its influence inside Panama has grown as indicated by a bill submitted to the legislature that mandates teaching Mandarin in all Panamanian public schools (Editor’s desk, Patriot House, 2018  )
The US bankrupted itself in providing foreign aid to its most bitter enemies around the world such as building the Soviet industry and giving the Chinese Communists high technology including for their nuclear and biological weapons (with implications to this day).

When their counterparts couldn’t pay for the assistance and products provided, the USA cancelled their debts and passed them on to the American taxpayers.

There are many instances of government abuse against the American citizens and protections of criminals, from bringing in Nazi criminal scientists via Project Paperclip ( ) to experimenting on the American population such as Operation Sea Spray ( ), the Tuskegee Study ( ) and to the CIA's mind-control Project MKUltra (  ).

The USA to this day condemns neo-communist regimes in Asia and the Americas, for proven violations of human rights, while inviting at the White House and validating (neo)Communist dictators, no matter how genocidal these are.

Under the guise of ‘non-intervention’ the US has been allowing various dictators to decimate the opposition rebelling against these tyrants, while actually sending economic aid and doing business with these very criminal communist and (neo)communist governments, such as under the guise of the ‘most favored nation’ status (The Hidden Agenda Season 1, episode 2, The Subversion Factor 2006 ).

Communist and neo-communist dictatorships would not be in existence today, without aid, validation and assistance from the United States government and corporations.

As per pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s statement, a survivor of 14 plus years of Communist persecution: “We don’t ask you to help us (the opposition); we ask you NOT to help them (Testimony of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand before the U.S. Senate: Communist Exploitation of Religion 1966 ).

So, are these treacherous and self-destructive actions internally and externally by various American governments and private sponsors when it comes to Communist enablement and ongoing support, a result of confusion or subversion? And what is the antidote for it? Why do Westerners need the propagation of Communism including in their own back-yard of the European Community and of the United States?

R. C.: Your analysis of the support that the United States has given to communist movements in various parts of the world is well founded and well documented, and therefore I agree with your reflections.

However, I believe that support must be contextualized in a very complex scenario that has dominated the relations between the US and the communist bloc. This was the Cold War scenario, in which many decisions were made that ran counter to the principle of anti-communism, but which had their explanation in the defense of the US national interest - a legitimate defense which, by extension, protected also the interests of European nations for decades-. Without the United States, Europe would still be under the steel heel of the Soviet Union.

In any case, it is undeniable that the United States was the only real barrier to the Soviet conquest of the world and that they were the determining factor in the collapse of the USSR and its European satellites. And in this context, it was President Ronald Reagan who had the courage to bring the death blow to the Soviet Union, and who had the intelligence to support the great Pope John Paul II in his spiritual attack against Soviet atheist totalitarianism. This is the fact that, from the macro-historical point of view, most defines American policy against communism.

Furthermore, to fight communism, the United States did not hesitate to confront the Soviet Union that had invaded Afghanistan and to side with the Afghan rebels, running the risk of arming the Taliban groups, who then conquered the country by imposing a horrible and inhumane theocracy, and then gave rise to anti-Western Islamic terrorism that led to the September 11th attack on the Twin Towers. The meaning of my analysis is: in that case the United States made it a priority to fight the Soviet Union while risking supporting the radical Islamism that later attacked them on the 11th September.

You have rightly quoted the great general McArthur, but let us not forget that the American anti-communist movement was - and still is - very strong and articulated, a movement that is both elite and mass, and which had in Barry Goldwater one of its greatest exponents. I believe that today not only the Republican Party but also the US administration as such should recover the spirit of Goldwater's anti-communism.

In any case, the United States is and remains the country that more than any other in the world has given, not only in terms of ideals but also in terms of concrete efforts, for the defense of freedom in all its aspects and in all its values. Europe is the most consistent example of this American intervention in favor of freedom and democracy, but there are many countries in other areas of the world that owe their free political existence to the United States.

In this effort, not only national interest in a material sense counts, but also a national interest of an ideal type: the spirit of United States and Freedom are an indissoluble union, which is historically transmitted and which is concretely realized day by day, and precisely therefore the values and foundations of the United States are in absolute contrast to Communist ideology in any of its forms.

But I take the opportunity of your question to highlight an action that from other parts of the world, in the first place today from Latin America, is converging towards the United States, to strengthen the subversive movements currently in play in all the States, and to thus closing an ideological and operational circle.

The ideology that to simplify we call communist is a global power, which has roots and ramifications in all countries and which has a flexible structure: its militants flock to the moment and places where the struggle is most bitter or most promising, such as mobile groups that move easily from country to country, state to state, county to county and town to town, according to guerrilla practices and following the paths of global mobility. These are the new forms of ideological militancy of the global left that the American conservatives should face from the theoretical and practical point of view, as new forms of insurrection that today find very fertile ground in the United States.

G.T.G.: How may our readers contact you, sign the Appeal and get engaged in its propagation for further signatures?

R. C.: The Appeal web page and the page with the list of signatories are available for those who want to subscribe to our initiative. For any information, an e-mail address is also available: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea. 

G.T.G: How else can they help?

R. C.: We are thinking of founding a study and research center that acts as a catalyst for all the feedback we receive and that serves to relaunch the initiative on multiple levels, from historical study to cultural analysis, from political analysis to monitoring both of communist subversive insurgencies and of totalitarian emergencies, including also the monitoring of marginal but always dangerous National-socialist insurgencies.

G.T.G.: Professor Cristin, thank you very much for your time and we greatly appreciate your dedication for justice in regards to the victims of Communism.

R. C.: It is I who thank you, dear Prof. Gherasim, dear Gabriel, for your attention towards this great disease of contemporary history and for your sensitivity towards the crimes of communism, behind which there are precisely the victims, concrete people, personal and family existences, with their long trail of pain. Communism is in fact not only a disease, but also an authentic tragedy of contemporary history.

Afterward to the interview

Motto: “Words are one thing. Actions are another [i.e. their opposite].

V.I. Lenin, J V Stalin L. Trotsky et al…

By Gabriel Teodor Gherasim

In the docudrama from 2017 called Trotsky, a dialogue is rendered from one of the interrogation rooms at the infamous GPU Headquarters of the Russian Communist NKVD.KGB secret service between Trotsky himself and the kidnapped philosopher Ilyin. Trotsky had come to him in 1922 at the interrogation center to coerce Ilyin to terminate the inner dissidence and sign a letter for support of the Bolsheviks tyrants, in exchange for his freedom and a safe existence within the Soviet empire. Ilyin had refused by claiming that the only ‘freedom’ that the Communists were capable of was freedom from humanity.

Ilyin had told Trotsky: “I’m afraid that it is impossible to collaborate with you. You are a liar, a thief, a murderer and what you are calling ‘freedom’ is the greatest slavery. You killed more people than any previous war did. Your own future is within these walls. All your ‘achievements’ are the results of pain and fear. You force out the assurances of loyalty from people by torture and persecution. Your so-called ‘support of the people’ is nothing than the support of the lowly. Your ‘revolution’ is in fact a criminal seizure of power. Your proletariat rhetoric of ‘heaven on earth’ is a trick of Satan’s (literally, as it turns out Wurmbrand R. Marx & Satan  ).

The world you destroyed was not perfect, it had its scum…but you have turned every citizen into scum. Now you are either an executioner or an adoring slave. Your revolution is a profanity; you rule by fear.

It won’t last long. If the people don’t bring you down, you you’ll cut each other’s throats.”

America has presently devolved from Exceptionalism to Nihilism (the belief in nothing in regards to people, places, actions and things). In other words, all things lead to (self) destruction.

In the year 2020 America has been replete by acts of violence and destruction, i.e. revolution.

The movement Antifa (antifascism), ironically has been using the same techniques of Mussolini’s ‘grey shirts’ and Hitler’s ‘long knives’ and of the Communist ‘commissars’ in order to destabilize the American society.

Mikhail Bakunin a contemporary of Karl Marx vied for the attention of masses via destruction and even if he espoused the same thirst for blood as Marx, he was in competition and opposition with the latter.

Nietzsche’s superman wants to destroy. From this concept we saw Nazism and Fascism come in ideology and deeds.

The Communists under Lenin (real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov), Trotsky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein), Stalin (real name Ioseb Dzhugashvili –i.e. Judah’s son-) killed over 20,000,000 people before WWII alone, by torture, bullets and starvation and millions other during and after the war and (in the form of murdering by bullets and poison journalists and political democratic opponents) to the present day. This has been happening both in neo-communist Russia and in the occupied areas of Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine and Moldova (a region of Romania).

In Asia, another nihilist, Mao Zedong slaughtered during the ‘cultural’ revolution in the 1950’s and 1960’s alone, 30,000.000 Chinese, because they weren’t following some absurd concepts which he himself had exempted himself from following. Tibet was occupied, its leadership had to escape into exile or was summarily executed. The kidnap, torture and killing of countless Tibetan nuns and monks has been continuing to this day.

There is no sense in nihilists of gratitude for being alive, healthy, essentially gifted to exist.

The nihilists invariably self-destroy: Lenin died in horrendous and prolonged pain after being shot by a woman. Trotsky died in agony, after being killed by the axe of a hitman sent by the Russians to assassinate him in Mexico. Stalin died in his own feces after three days of agony and not being checked on. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, Stalin’s head henchman was arrested on charges of 357 counts of rape and treason. He was sentenced to death and was executed by Nikita Khrushchev, when he tried to blackmail Khrushchev on his role in purging the Politburo of the Jewish commissars, particularly after many of the Jews from occupied Moldova, chose to take refuge in the “reactionary” Romania.

These are just four examples of (self) induced destruction by sociopaths and psychopaths and regular folks who, as the Book of Proverbs 4:19 warns: “The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.”

What is the mental condition of these people, including in the United States with its young ‘revolutionaries’?

According to Dr. Steve Pieczenik, famous American psychiatrist with links to the State Department: “the so-called generation Z, self-proclaimed nihilistic, has 30-40% suicide rates. Suicide rates for Gen Z men have risen 45% since 2007, compared to 87% for women. The suicide rate for Americans aged 15 to 24 years old — the older half of Generation Z — is the highest it's been since at least 1999, according to (Kight, W.F. Axios 2017 )

Compare that to the more empathetic generation X, which has a suicide rate of 15-20% and the most empathetic Millennials, which have only 5-10% in suicide rates.” (Pieczenik, Steve )

So nihilism in and of itself will lead to mental disorders, because it disavows the mammalian empathetic values of the human beings and it solely focuses on the reptilian factor also present in us.

In other words, Communism and communist values explode and implode destruction no matter under which proletarian rhetoric it is veiled. As V.I. Lenin, J V Stalin, L. Trotsky et al. said repeatedly: “Words are one thing. Actions are another” [i.e. their opposite].

What is the antidote?

The French novelist Andre Malraux postulated that: “the 21st century will be religious or won’t be” [as in a spiritual century] (Lateral Futurist  ) .

This is telling as stated by Cardinal Dr. Alexandru Todea, a survivor of Communist prisons himself: “The fact that we were tortured and/or killed for our faith and country was necessary. For all the positive changes in society, in the world, with great and eternal values are brought about by sacrifice; the sacrifice of the best of us as we choose this out of love.” (Memorialul Durerii, The Memorial of Suffering the Tragedy or the Romanian Byzantine Church Episode 15 

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